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Jules Engel:
Films, Paintings, Drawings, Lithographs and Constructions

March 8 - April 30, 2003

Jules Engel has been a pioneering animator, from the time of his early work with Disney (Fantasia and Bambi) and the UPA Studios (Gerald McBoing-Boing, Madeline, the Chipmunks and Mr. Magoo) to his later explorations of visually abstract rhythms (see Rumble, Accident and The Meadow).  As the founding director of the Experimental Abstract Animation Department at CalArts, he also has challenged and influenced thirty years of students from all parts of the world who seek his guidance there.

Jules Engel has been an innovator in many fields throughout his career.  As a painter, he uses cubistic abstraction and innovative palettes as seen in early works Big Top and Traffic as well as later in Verona.
Engel's exploration of virtual and real space comes to flower in his constructions.  Wood is the primary material; wit and aesthetic taste are the ultimate outcomes.

Most recently, Jules Engel has re-discovered lithography as a medium for his artistic expression.  Engel had explored the art of the stone earlier in his career at both the Tamarind Lithography Workshop and Gemini.  Since 1999, he has been working with Master Printer George Page of Versailles Press creating a series of color lithographs that are testament to his mastery of color and form.

Jules Engel's long and illustrious career has spanned many decades and media...and the creative juices still flow!

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