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Werner Drewes

January 18-February 28, 2003

WERNER DREWES' strong modernist roots evolved at the Bauhaus under the tutelage of modern masters Lyonel Feininger, Johannes Itten, Wassily Kandinsky and Paul Klee.  Drewes emigrated to the United States in 1930 and, in 1936, became a founding member of the American Abstract Artists group in New York.

This exhibition features work by Drewes in a variety of media and from various periods throughout his career.  Focusing on his prints, we feature early etchings and woodcuts documenting his life in New York.  Included are woodcuts from the 1934 portfolio, It Can't Happen Here, Drewes' first foray into abstraction, and among the first abstract prints created in the United States.

Drewes was working until the month he died.  Watercolors, drawings, collages, prints and paintings in this exhibition span an illustrious career...from the etching In Front of the New York Public Library and the watercolor Abstract I of the early 1930s to the woodcut Twin Formations in Grey and the painting Satellites (Joyful Ascent) of the 1980s.

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January 18-February 28, 2003

ALBRECHT DURER, YNEZ JOHNSTON, LEOPOLDO MENDEZ and WERNER DREWES all have at least one thing in common - they all gouge the block in relief to create linocuts, woodengravings and woodcuts.

There is a drama in linocut through the flat, saturated black contrasts that are possible.  HENRI MATISSE, STEPHEN DEHOSPODAR and ERASTO CORTES JUAREZ used that technique to startling effect.

Woodengravings by PAUL LANDACRE, DON RICO, LYND WARD and FRANCISCO MORA  have found their places in art history as well as in aesthetic appreciation.

Through the art of woodcut, DAVID ALFARO SIQUEIROS, CHARLES CRODEL, HELEN HYDE and WASSILY KANDINSKY have achieved the goals of their creative expressions.

Printmaking is concerned with many techniques: lithography, screenprinting, etching/engraving but the distinct qualities of relief printing has been the chosen technique by many artists to express their unique visions.  This exhibition brings the opportunity to compare and contrast the different tools and to delight the eye!