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JEAN CHARLOT (1898-1979)

1898 Born in Paris to Henri and Anna Goupil Charlot on February 7.
1914-15 Studied at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Paris.
1915-16 Moved to St Mande; Traveled to Brittany; became interested in local folk art.
1917-20 Served as an artillery officer in the French Army in World War I and Rhineland occupation.
1920-22 Moved to Mexico, where his grandfather had been in 1840.
1922 Painted first mural fresco in the National Preparatory School, Mexico City: Massacre in the Main Temple, 14 by 26 feet.
1923 Painted frescoes in the Ministry of Public Education, Mexico City.
1924-25 Worked primarily on small easel paintings, known as his "Dark Period".
1926-28 Worked as an archeological artist for the Carnegie Institution of Washington at Chichén Itzá, Yucatán, Mexico.
Arrived in New York in September, 1928.
1929 Traveled to Washington, D.C., to edit text and supervise preparation of illustrations for The Temple of the Warriors at Chichén Itzá, Yucatán by Jean Charlot, Earl H. Morris, and Ann Axtell Morris, published by the Carnegie Institution of Washington, 1931.
1930 Settled in New York where he taught at the Art Students League and lectured at Columbia University.
Begins lifelong relationship with Lynton Kistler of Los Angeles in the printing of his color lithograph.
1932 A Preliminary Study of the Ruins of Coba, Quintanta Roo, Mexico by Jean Charlot, J. Eric Thompson, and Harry D. Pollock, published by Carnegie Institution of Washington, 1932.
1933 Picture Book, thirty-two color lithographs by Jean Charlot with inscriptions by Paul Claudel, printed by Will and Lynton R. Kistler in Los Angeles and published by John Becker, New York, 1933.
1939 Married Dorothy Zohmah Day. Art from the Mayans to Disney by Jean Charlot, published by Sheed and Ward, New York, 1939.
1939-40 Prosper Mérimée's Carmen, thirty-four color lithographs by Jean Charlot, printed by Albert Carman and published by The Limited Editions Club, New York, 1941.
1941 Named artist-in-residence, The University of Georgia, Athens.
1942 Painted an oil on canvas mural for the post office at McDonough, Georgia: Cotton Gin, 4 1/2 by 11 feet. Painted fresco on exterior of Fine Arts Building, The University of Georgia, Athens: Visual Arts, Drama Music, 9 by 46 feet.
1944 Painted frescoes in the journalism School Building, The University of Georgia, Athens: Time Discloseth All things, Cortez Lands in Mexico, and Paratroopers land in Sicily, 11 by 6 feet.
1945-46 Returned to Mexico a Guggenheim Fellowship to write The Mexican Mural Renaissance, 1920-1925, published in 1963 by Yale University Press, New Haven.
1946-47 Mexihkanantli. A portfolio of sixteen color lithographs by Jean Charlot, printed by Sanchez in Mexico City published by La Estampa Mexicana, Mexico City, 1947.
1947 Named Director of the Colorado Springs Fine Arts School, Colorado Springs, Colorado.
1949 Painted mural in Bachman Hall, University of Hawaii, Honolulu: Relation of Man and Nature in Old Hawaii, 10 by 29.  Joined the Art Department, University of Hawaii, as Professor of Painting and Art History.
1950 Art Making from Mexico to China by Jean Charlot, published by Sheed and Ward, New York, 1950.
1951 Painted murals in the Administration Building, Arizona State College, Tempe: Hopi Snare Dance and Preparing Anti-Venom Serum, 25 by 25 feet.
1951-52 Painted mural in Honolulu at the Waikiki Branch of the First National Bank: Early Contacts of Hawaii with Outer World, 11 by 67 feet.
1953 Painted second mural in Bachman Hall, University of Hawaii: Commencement, 10 by 36 feet.
1958 Executed fourteen ceramic tile panels for St. Catherine's Church, Kauai, Hawaii: Way of the Cross.
Painted mural at St. Leonard Friary, Centerville, Ohio: Calvary, 34 by 32 feet.
1959 Painted mural in Monastic Chapel, St. Benedict's Abbey Atchison, Kansas: Trinity and Episodes of Benedictine Life, 21 by 29 feet.
1962 Mexican Art and the Academy of San Carlos, 1785-1915 by Jean Charlot, published by University of Texas Press, Austin, 1962.
1962-63 Painted mural at the Mission Church, Naisereiagi, Fiji: Black Christ and Worshipers, 10 by 30 feet.
1966 Jean Charlot Retrospective, Fifty Years 1916-1966, exhibition at Honolulu Academy of Arts.
Retired From University of Hawaii as Senior Professor Emeritus.
Painted second version (first was destroyed) of Early Contacts of Hawaii with Outer World in the Waikiki Branch of the First National Bank, Honolulu, 9 by 98 feet.
1967 Traveled to Europe: first visit to France since 1923.
1968 Jean Charlot, a retrospective exhibition presented at the Museum of Modern Art, Mexico City, as part of the Cultural Program of the Games of the XIX Olympiad.
Received an award from the National Council of Arts, Washington.
1969 Completed ceramic statue, Sacred Heart, Hanalei. Kauai, Hawaii.
Jean Charlot Foundation established in Honolulu.
1971 Edited letters he received from José Clemente Orozco for publication in José Clemente Orozco, Et artists en Nueva York, Siglo Veintiuno, Mexico, 1971 (translated by Ruth L. C. Simms and published under the title The Artist in New York by University of Texas Press, Austin, 1974).
1972 An Artist on Ark Collected Essays of Jean Charlot by Jean Charlot, published by University Press of Hawaii. 2 volumes, volume 1 "Miscellany", volume 2 "Mexican Art"
1973 Picture Book II:32 Original Lithographs and Captions by Jean Charlot, published by Zeitlin and Veer Burg, Los Angeles. Numbered and signed by Jean Charlot and Lynton R. Kistler, printer. Edition: 1000, of which the first 32 contain an original drawing by the artist.
1974 Painted fresco at the Leeward Community College, Pearl City. Oahu, Hawaii: The Relation of Man and Nature in Old Hawaii, 23 by 104 feet overall.
1976 Two Hawaiian Plays by Jean Charlot in English and Hawaiian, published by the author and distributed by the University Press of Hawaii.
1978 Painted fresco at the Maryknoll Elementary School, Honolulu, Hawaii: Christ and the Samaritan Woman at the Well, 5 by 6 feet.
1979 Jean Charlot died in Hawaii.