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JOSEPH GOLDYNE: Monoprints and Intaglios
January 8 through March 1, 2005

Opening Reception: Saturday, January 8    2 to 5pm

As a printmaker, JOSEPH GOLDYNE (b.1942) is widely recognized for his elegant and refined monoprints, a medium which he discovered serendipitously.  He was scheduled to create intaglios with master printer Robert Townsend; when Townsend suffered an injury the artist proceeded to ink his own work.  He writes:  “When I beheld the variations possible in presenting the same matrix of lines by means of hand-wiping and painting, I was forever smitten...seeing the infinite possibilites of hand-wiped proofs was for me a life changing revelation.” (Joseph Goldyne: The Pull of the Eye, The Play of the Hand, p. 7)

Goldyne treats his intaglio prints almost as monotypes, often producing many singular variations before arriving at a final state; these are often published in small editions, if at all.  In this exhibition, both intaglios and color monoprints are presented, sometimes as diptychs on the same sheet, as in Teeth of the Night and The Transit of Youth.  Though Goldyne often works in a small format for his printmaking, he also creates dramatic large-scale color monoprints, as Lowered Voices and Rampant Compression.

Goldyne enjoys printmaking, drawn to the unique qualities in the infinite variations that are possible through this medium.  He captures richness and tones, particularly in the black inks, while paying homage to the texture and color of the paper.

He is a master.

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