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 Blue Verticals Oil/wood, glass, mirror  1998 12 x 23 x 2 7/8 inches (305 x 74 mm)
Drawings, Sculpture-Paintings, Watercolors
May 13 to June 13, 2000
Reception for the Artist: Saturday, May 13th 3 to 6 pm

It is sometimes said that all art is self portrait. JAMES HUETER's Visages/Faces say a great deal about an artist who is as meticulous, intense, disciplined and many-layered as the art he creates.

The works in this exhibition are part of an extensive series of explorations in drawing, sculpture and mixed- media "painting/sculpture" that began about forty years ago. Painstakingly carved, painted and constructed of wood, paint, glass and mirrors, the 'Visages/Faces are architectonic, abstracting facial structure to an essential geometry. Within opaque surface planes of color, we are drawn as if by magnetic attraction to probe the vertical crevice that centers each composition. Layers of glass, angled mirrors and, occasionally, real and painted objects, lead us into depths that are visually and conceptually mysterious and that reflect us back upon ourselves, much as we can see our selves in the eyes of others. Complex and richly varied, the works seen here range from seemingly abstract formulations of line, form and color, as in the stunning Blue Verticals, to iconic images in which recognizable eyes meet our gaze.

The respect for classical values - control, restraint, measure - distinguish JAMES HUETER the artist. As in the best of classical art, his work is personal and universal, revealing the artist and reflecting us all.

In Sculpture-Paintings by JAMES HUETER are found subtle pigments, carved woods, mirror, glass and hammered metals employing architectontic structure as a definition of volume and scale.

He uses color enthusiastically, confidently and dramatically .... but not gratuitously. Yes! he approaches his art with intellect and thoughtf ulness.

There is also a revealed passion. His imagery is abstract but, underlying the simple geometric forms is an enigmatic mood-entity that spurs the viewer to look beneath the surfaces. Yes, 'surfaces' - because there are many. In mirror reflections, through glass, to recesses that are not obvious at first inspection the viewer discovers space, texture, interplay of colors and almost a surreality.

In his drawings and watercolors, James Hueter captures a wistful memory that stimulates a parallel
response in the viewer. 'Line' becomes a romantic diffusion of exquisite strokes using multiple
gradations of graphite. The watercolors are totally independent of that 'softness', turning to
geometric sunflooded views vn'.'ius.

A graduate of the Claremont Colleges in 1948, James Hueter has been part of that community throughout his career, first as student, then as instructor and family citizen and finally as exhibiting artist.

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