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Exhibitions: 1978-2008

1978 For the Gourmet
Honore Daumier
1979 American Etchers: A. Hansen, E. Haskell, L. Scammon
Five Centuries of Relief Prints
1980 The American Scene
Sculptors in Prints and Drawings
Selected Prints and Drawings by American Artists
Prints and Drawings of a Biblical Reference
1981 Selected Prints and Drawings by American Artists
German Prints - 19th and 20th Century
Helen Lundeberg: Paintings, Prints, Drawings
Women Artists
The Figure
Modern Prints and Drawings: 1950-1980
The Relief Print
Los Angeles 1920s-1960s
1982 New York, New York: Prints and Drawings 1859-1974
Jane Ullman, Jay Rivkin, Sorel Etrog
Oskar Fischinger: Paintings, Drawings and Watercolors
Four Abstract Classicists: Feitelson, Benjamin, Hammersly, McLaughlin
The Perfect Gift: Fine Prints
Rockwell Kent: Prints and Drawings
The Regionalists
1983 Images of Work and Play 1920s-1950s
Helen Lundeberg: Paintings
June Wayne: Before Tamarind
Nicholas P. Brigante: Watercolors, Drawings, Etchings 1920s-1970s
Catalogue: Fine Prints and Drawings
Paul Landacre and Printmakers in Relief
Federal Arts Project Prints
1984 Jay Rivkin: New York
Prints and Drawings of 1900s-1950s
June Wayne Miniatures
Werner Drewes: Bauhaus Roots Nurtured in America
Between the Olympics: Los Angeles 1932-1984
Whistler and his Followers
James Hueter: Visages Sculpture-Paintings
1985 California 1920-1945: Paintings, Drawings, Prints
Helen Lundeberg and June Harwood: Recent Work
Lorser Feitelson: The Sinuous Line-Paintings, Prints, Drawings
20th Century German Master Graphics
Palmer Schoppe: Rhythms and Jazz
Stieglitz’ Camera Work: Photogravures
1986 James Hueter: Sculpture-Paintings
Werner Drewes: 1899-1985 In Memoriam
Nick Brigante: A California Modernist
Harry Sternberg: Myths and Rituals-Watercolors, Paintings, Drawings
C.I.A.: California Inspired Art
California Modernists
1987 Catalogue: Fine Works on Paper: European and American- 15th-20th Centuries
Lorser Feitelson: Magical Space Forms/Boulder Series
Palmer Schoppe: Malibu Graces and Goddesses
Esoteric Relationships
Helen Lundeberg: By Land and By Sea
The Lure of the Sea: Paintings, Prints & Drawings
Latin American Artists
1988 Durer, Feininger, Landacre: Five Centuries of Relief Prints
Faces: Paintings, Prints, Drawingsv Jay Rivkin: Assemblages - “America the Beautiful”
Miriam Slater
Jean Charlot: Paintings, Prints, Drawings 1920s-1970s
A Celebration of British Arts: H. Moore, A. John, S. Hayden, etc.
James Hueter: Aptos Watercolors
Lorser Feitelson
1989 Clinton Adams: Los Angeles 1940s-1960s
Peter Krasnow: California Modernist
Palmer Schoppe: The Circus
John Langley Howard: 1930s-1960s
Dorr Bothwell: Surreal/Abstract 1920s-1950s
Helen Lundeberg: Paintings 1960-1963
1990 L.A.’s Cultural Diversity
Werner Drewes: A Retrospective Exhibition
Thomas Hart Benton and Friends
Gordon Newell: Sculpture; Jane Ullman: Sculpture
Lorser Feitelson: The Organic Line 1916-1977
California Modernists
1991 Oskar Fischinger: Light, Space and Rhythm
James Hueter: Visages
Dorr Bothwell: Screenprints, Paintings, Drawings 1920s-1950s
Gordon Wagner: Assemblages 1950s-1980s
Master-Printer Serge Lozingot’s Tamarind Lithographs
Peter Krasnow: An Evolving Vision
Clinton Adams: Continuity and Contrast
Dorr Bothwell: Notan
1992 Catalogue: Works on Paper
Great Beginnings: Tamarind Lithography Workshop - The L.A. Years 1960s-1970s
Jane Ullman: In Memoriam 1908-1991
Jules Engel: The Meadow - A Multimedia Installation
Helen Lundeberg: The Sunset Years: 1980-1990
Werner Drewes: A Retrospective View
John Langley Howard 1930s-1980s
Lynton Kistler Lithography Studio 1930s-1960s
European Prints of the 19th and 20th Centuries
Lorser Feitelson: Motion as Line 1919-1977
Collage/Montage/Assemblage and Gordon Wagner: Boxed Surrealities
1993 Let’s Look at Prints, Let’s Really LOOK at Prints
Pavlos, Bilweis, Baxter
California Modernism 1920s-1960s
Emerson Woelffer: Works on Paper 1951-1993
Dorr Bothwell: 1920s-1950s
David P. Levine: 1930s-1940s
John Langley Howard: 1930s-1980s
Palmer Schoppe: 1930s-1960s
Old Master Drawings from the Feitelson Collection
James Hueter: Reflections: Recent Sculpture-Paintings
Peter Krasnow: TreeForms and Cityscapes 1916-1940s
1994 Lorser Feitelson 1898-1978; John McLaughlin 1989-1976
Essential Abstraction 1940-1990
European Prints and Drawings of the 19th & 20th Centuries
Jean Charlot: Drawings and Lithographs 1930s-1970s
Taller de Grafica Popular
Werner Drewes: Paintings, Watercolors, Prints and Collages 1920s-1980s
Clinton Adams: The Los Angeles Years 1940s-1960s
Let’s Look at Prints II
Ynez Johnston
1995 Leonard Edmondson: Sensory Memory-Images
Abstraction - Broadly
The Hand of the Sculptor on Paper
Shinpei Sakakura, Akira Nagasawa, Patricia Olynyk
Post-Surrealism, Abstraction and Fantasy 1930s-1960s
Helen Lundeberg: Then and Now
Assemblage and Collage
1996 Four Friends: Rupert Deese, James Hueter, Sam Maloof, Harrison McIntosh
Artes Latinos Modernos
Women by Women
California Painters 1930s-1940s
A Plethora of Prints
Lorser Feitelson: The Romantic Years 1919-1949
The Third Dimension
1997 Werner Drewes: Facets of Abstraction
Palmer Schoppe: Good Vibes
Jules Engel: Shapes and Gestures
David P. Levine: On the Scene 1930s/1940s
Clinton Adams: Paintings, Lithographs, Drawings-1940s-1990s
Jay Rivkin: Money and Other Addictions
Helen Lundeberg: Still Life Through Five Decades
Lynton Kistler’s Lithography Studio: 1930s-1970s
Gordon Wagner
California Modernism and Abstraction
1998 Leonard Edmondson: Images from Within
Prints in Relief
Ynez Johnston: An Overview 1940s-1990s
Tamarind Lithography Workshop 1960s-1990s
Faces, Forms and Figuration
California Modernism and Abstraction
1999 Dorr Bothwell: A Special Vision
Grace Hartigan: Greek Myths
Costas Varotsos
Helen Lundeberg: Then and Now, A Memorial Retrospective
Sam Maloof: Woodworking Hero
Developing the Scene: Basil Langton, Lou Jacobs Jr., Alan Shaffer
2000 Four Abstract Classicists Plus One
Werner Drewes: Essential Forms
California Modernism and Abstraction
James Hueter: Visages
Collage and Assemblage
Ed Hamilton’s Printer’s Proofs
California 2000
Peter Shire: Teapots and Drawings
Gordon Wagner: Assemblage
John Bernhardt: Assemblage
The Print Connection
Rupert J. Deese: Off the Wall, Stoneware
Rupert T. Deese: On the Wall, Etchings, Drawings, Paintings
2001 Dorr Bothwell: Memorial Retrospective
Simply Abstract
Head Count
Jules Engel: Anything But Still!
Palmer Schoppe: Memorial Retrospective Exhibition
Latin Flavors
Stanton Macdonald-Wright and Nicholas P. Brigante
Helen Lundeberg: Inner Visions of Outer Spaces
Women: On Common Ground
Rupert J. Deese: Stoneware
Jay Rivkin: Collage/Assemblage
Miriam Slater: Painted Objects
2002 Creative Transitions: Prints and Works on Paper
Leonard Edmondson and Emerson Woelffer: Abstract and Expressionist
Clinton Adams: Memorial Retrospective
Holiday Highlights
Catalogue: Paintings, Sculpture, Works on Paper
2003 Catalogue: Paper Passion
Werner Drewes, 1899-1985
Printing in Relief
Jules Engel: Films, Paintings, Drawings, Constructions and Lithographs
Leonard Edmondson: A Memorial Retrospective
Ruth Asawa
The Jerusalem Print Workshop
Sculptors in Print
Ynez Johnston: A Fifty-Five Year Retrospective
From Brice and Feitelson to Goya and Ribera: Four Centuries of the Figure
Emerson Woelffer: Lithographs 1950s-1990s
A Plethora of Prints
2004 Dorr Bothwell: An Eye Towards Abstraction
Jay Rivkin: 25 Years of Collage and Drawing
Multiculturalism: Latin, European, Japanese and Israeli Prints
The Tamarind Lithography Workshop
Edmondson vs. Drewes: Intaglio vs. Relief
Bernhardt, Kienholz, Wagner: Assemblage
George Herms, Basil Langton, William Dole: Collage
2005 Joseph Goldyne: Monoprints and Intaglios
From George Herms with ‘LOVE’
Bright Lights and the Hollywood Hills: California Watercolors
Linda Shaffer: For the Bride
South of the Border: Artes Latinos
California Gold
2006 Ynez Johnston and Max Pollak
David P. Levine: In Memoriam
The Artist as Social Critic
Drawings: The Hand of the Artist
RockPoP Gallery: We’ve Got You Covered
Shifting Dimensions: Sculptors on Paper
Werner Drewes: Paintings and Works on Paper, 1930s through 1980s
Peter Shire: The Creative Synapse
2007 Bonnie Stone: A Woman’s Touch
Leonard Edmondson: Exploration of Abstraction
Ruth Asawa: Natural Forms
Jay Rivkin in Two and Three Dimensions
The She of It
Jules Engel: Master of Animation
Peter Krasnow and Rico Lebrun: Two Icons of California Modernism
Gordon Wagner: The Passion of Assemblage
...and Friends
2008 Paper Passion 2008
Werner Drewes: Paintings and Woodcuts
Modernist Women
Art of the Americas
The Big 3-0! Thirty Years of California Modernism

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