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Twenty Fifth Anniversary

November 22 - December 31, 2003

We are grateful to all who have responded to the prints, paintings, drawings and sculptures that we have elected to exhibit, to the art and artists we have elected to present, and to the growing appreciation of the art historical context within which we’ve chosen to work.  It pleases us mightily that our colleagues around the United States have gradually turned their attentions in this direction also!  We enjoy traveling around the United States, Canada, Mexico, Israel and Europe meeting with museum directors and curators.  We are gratified by the appreciative responses to the California post-surrealist and modernist art we present.

Whether Collector, Artist, Curator, Director, Teacher, Student, Consultant or Colleague - your interest has contributed to our continuing existence with sales support, encouragement, criticism and friendship.  We are built on all.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Life is certainly sweetened with pleasurable anticipation every morning when we turn on the lights.  We particularly cite our director, Erin Weiss, who ably manages to weave together the daily gallery activities, the loans to outside gallery and museum exhibitions, and the multiple Print Fairs in which we participate or organize - and with whom it is our considerable pleasure to work.  To her, we attribute the success of recent projects.  Over these twenty five years, we’ve been fortunate in finding intelligent, strong, knowledgeable and personable assistants in the gallery.  Before Erin, we note Sharon Goodman, Shari Silverman, Carey Levine, Laura Flemings and others with fondness.  They have gone on to wonderful new directions in their lives that they share with us from time to time.  Smoothing the moving path when times are hectic, frantic and too-busy have been Betty Chung, Mario Orneda and, most recently, Katherine Kirby.

Since our last celebration (our fifteenth anniversary in 1993) we have mounted some great shows, as are listed here.  Unfortunately, some are memorial exhibitions, for we have lost many good friends. Their names will live on in the works they created.  We looked forward to the weekly visits from Jules Engel, to entering Ynez Johnston’s magic world (her home and studio), sharing Jay Rivkin’s recent rediscovery of her early murals, basking in Leonard Edmondson’s warm encouragement, actualizing Basil Langton’s fond wishes, receiving Clinton Adams’ gentle confidence, sharing Emerson Woelffer’s quiet acceptance of his progressive blindness, enjoying Lou Jacobs Jr’s renewing recognition, being a part of David Levine’s milestone celebrations, glorying over Rupert Deese’s recent firings, discovering Werner Drewes’ Bauhaus heritage, being instructed by Peter and Rose Krasnow’s iconography, visiting Betye Saar’s studio, learning from Lee Mullican and Gordon Onslow Ford, following Palmer Schoppe’s exploits as reflected in his art, loving dear sweet Dorr Bothwell, being stimulated by Lorser Feitelson and, of course, being a part of Helen Lundeberg’s life for so long; she richly gave us a ‘window’ on the 1930s - 1980s world in Los Angeles.

‘Art’ is an enrichment in all our lives.  It is a precious thing to discover art in the natural world around us, in our bodies, in relationships with one another, in studies of the sciences and philosophy, or in opening ourselves to new ideas.

To us, the Gallery continues to be a place of enjoyment every day.  We look forward to widening our world of friends and clients and to the emerging events and experiences that are yet to unfold.

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